Tuesday, July 21, 2009

François Sagat, hairy chested porn actor and creat(art)iste extra ordinaire


As I'm a huge François Sagat fan, he'll probably be the subject of many a post to come. He really seems to be in for everything and anything judged by not only his own creative outlets but also by the projects he is asked to model for. Maby he could start directing porn because as we all know that is where some creativity is badly needed. Most porn directors .... but I bellieve I'm ranting. Enjoy a couple of François shoots!

François Sagat: Bronze God

François Sagat with fellow porn actor Diesel Washington

François Sagat by Pierre & Gilles

François Sagat for Expoerotikus by Marcela Miramendi

Visit his site: françois sagat
Visit his (old) blog: françois sagat

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