Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Attitude - Naked Issue, hairy chests uncovered


A beautiful spread in this issue of Attitude Magazine. Major hairy chest interest in a cover and three double page spreads for Ben Adams. The only other hairy chest in this series belongs to Richard Winsor, Dan and Andy are naturally fuzzy by the looks of it. Kenzie takes to the razor, I suspect Olly does the same, and one or two of the others may also. Shame on them! But hey, who's complaining?

Ben Adams

Richard Winsor

Andy Newton Lee

Dan O'Connor

Austin Drage


Marcus Patrick

Olly Barkley

Scott Bruton

Strike: Danny Ball (top), Liam Richards (bottom)

The Days: (l-r) Dan Simpkins, Harry Meads, Tim Ayers, Luke Simpkins

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