Monday, May 10, 2010

Rough Gods, hairy chested deities by Michael Alago


I never even heard of the ongoing photo series 'Rough Gods' by Michael Alago until Ari Levanael posted his rough gods shot on his blog yesterday. Easily one of the best pictures of Ari I have seen around! A little research led me to the Rough Gods website and the Rough Gods Facebook page where he has posted a lot of the older photo's in the series and still posts new additions (Ari's was shot in NYC earlier this month). Anybody interested in a little background info on Michael Alago: NightCharm posted an interview with Michael Alago as early as 2005. Still very enlightening though. Check the website for the Rough Gods book that was published in 2008. Enjoy.
PS: the above middle thumb is Michael Alago himself.

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