Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hairy chested wrestlers


WrestlingArena brings match by match pictorial coverage of all major wrestling championships. With some behind the scenes impressions. Imagine having to spend your time amongst a plethora of manly, burly, testosterone oozing, hairy chested wrestlers, ever on the lookout for the best (hairy) shot?

Enjoy my selection from the line-up for the pre-match medical/weigh in and some behind the scenes shots!

Ambako Vachadze

Artak Harutyunyan

Atila Guzel

Edgar Yenokyan

Eldar Kuranidze

Garam Pherselidze

Georgy Ketoev

Irakli Chochva

Nazmi Avluca

Orestis Leonidis

Ramaz Nozadze

Suren Markosyan

Tsinwfei Dzeinichenka

Yousof Nematpour

The medical/weigh in line up

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