Thursday, May 13, 2010

Adam Champ, triple hairy chest for Revista G


From the April issue of Mexican magazine Revista G a triple treat of Adam Champ. Yummy!
1. An eight page spread interview accompanied by some pictures of Adam as you will have rarely seen him: fully clothed. The text pages are included in the galley for those of you that speak spanish.
2. A four page spread of Adam Champ 'Through the mirror'. This will look more like the Adam you all know. Hairy chest and all.
3. An eight page spread of Adam's 'Honesty moments'. And honestly, for an Adam Champ fan like me they are all to drool over. I only regret not having had the time last month to check all my regular haunts for lovely hairy chests like Adam's. Four weeks drooling time wasted.
All pictures by Ángel Job.
Bonus pictures from the photographer's and Adam's blogs.

from the photographer's blog this image which is used in the magazine as advert with text all over it

from Adam's blog this candid from the same shoot

finally the 'making off' video

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