Sunday, April 4, 2010

Dhani Jones, hairy chested gentle giant 3

Dhani Jones is a Gentleman of Many Talents: NFL football player, globetrotter, host of his own Travel Channel television show 'Dhani tackles the globe', entrepeneur: he is founder and president of Five Star Ties, he has a few other very interesting business interests, he's a poet/artist/photographer. Check out his site or one of the many interviews/biographies on the web if you want to know more. A very grounded and well rounded man so it seems. A man that lives his dream. True to himself and to the world. On top of that he definitely has that certain 'je ne sais quoi' - apart from his hairy chest. The 'joi de vivre' (to stick with the french) almost drips from all of his pictures. I only set out to find a few more pictures after I ran into the Essence cover from 2007 (which I posted separately) and in the end it's become a rather hefty post. Not in the least because he seems to get shirtless at every possible moment in his show, even if the necessary attire doesn't require so (swimming in Switzerland, being measured for a suit in England). And he seems to be completely at ease doing so. Not that I'm complaining. Far from it. After I finish this post I'm going to dream about all the things I could do with, to, on top of or under that Chest and that Stomach (somehow the way he wears his stomach got to me). Definitely another one for the Santa list! Enjoy!

Warning! For everybody that has not seen the show but wants to: this post contains spoilers for both season 1 and 2!

Dhani Jones Gentle Giant

Found this picture of Dhani and his wonderfull hairy chest on the web and just had to blow it up to almost life size proportions. If I'm not careful I'll start fondling my screen next.

Dhani Jones Bow Tied

It is not by coincidence that he founded a company that produces bow ties. Dhani has been a convinced bow tier forever. And with good reason. There really is a marked difference between men that wear ties and those that wear bow ties. Just as there is between smokers and cigar or pipe smokers. Not much of Dhani's hairy chest in these pictures but he really looks cute in a bow tie.

(one of these blows up quite nicely if you are interested in a portrait)

Dhani Tackles the Globe

Unfortunately I can't get any of the Travel Chanel video's to play. There are however plenty of other video's to keep us busy.

In Thailand he tackled Muay Thai

In Mexico he tackled Lucha Libre
Please go and thank Black Terry Jr. for the wonderful pictures.

Video part 1

Video part 2

In Croatia he tackled Waterpolo
Weren't we lucky to have a friendly photographer nearby. He is Admir Buljubašić of Cropix and you can thank him on this site: Dubrovacki.

The video I found on DubrovnikNet.

In Switzerland he tackled Schwingen (we however are more interested in the swim he took in a very cold river)

Wouldn't you love to have been that girl he invited to feel his hary chest, swoon...

In Cambodia he tackled Pradal Serey

In Spain he tackled Jai Alai (we however are more interested in his trip to the beach)

In Australia he tackled Surf Life Saving

In England he tackled Rugby and Horse Jumping (we however are more interested in Dhani getting undressed to be measured for a suit by Ozwald Boateng)

In New Zealand he tackled Sailing (we however are more interested in his sand dune surfing abilities)

In Russia he tackled Sambo and tried a little ballet

Want to keep up with Dhani's whereabouts? Grab the widget and never miss a thing.

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Anonymous said...

Dhani is one of the sexiest men in the NFL and one of the sexiest on TV. And he's smart and sharp, making him even sexier!

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