Thursday, August 6, 2009

Simon Dexter, hairy chest by Rick Day

A very nice series of Simon Dexter shot by Rick Day for his photobook 'Players'. You may know Simon as Harley from the SeanCody site.

I don't think this last one is Simon, buttt how can one resist.

Gallery: Simon Dexter by Rick Day
Zip file: Simon Dexter by Rick Day


Jason_M said...

Who the hell is this last guy? It's all over the Internet and one of the hottest pics ever. Rick Day photo, I guess.

hairy chests rule said...

Yes it is also Rick day, from the same book 'Players'.
Anybody recognise that butt?

Anonymous said...

OMG that last shot is one of the hottest asses iv'e seen love the hair... but with that strap on.. one of the hootest.

Ian108 said...

Rick Day takes some of the best photos of Simon Czaplinski!

Joe Catcher said...

That beautiful hairy butt belongs to Erik Bunten.

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