Thursday, August 6, 2009

Bruce Jenner and The Village People, hairy chests in Can't stop the music

Excuse me for having a memory field trip in getting together my posts. The seventies and eighties hold very dear memories for me. But that's not what you're here for.
Such a terrible movie it's fun to watch. But look past the acting and you can enjoy the men from an era when hairy chests were still very much en vogue. And let's be honest: in their time the Village People's music wasn't that bad at all. I bet we all danced to it at one time or another.
They certainly still make great eye candy.
Pictures are from the official press release pack.

First let's recap:

From left to right:
the cowboy: Randy Jones - the leatherman: Glenn Hughes - the police officer: Ray Simpson - the construction worker: David Hodo - the gi: Alex Bailey - the american native indian: Felipe Rose

A few caps of bruce:

Clip 1: shirtless scene with Bruce
Clip 2: 'YMCA'
Clip 3: 'Do the shake'
Clip 4: 'Liberation'
Clip 5: 'Can't stop the music'
Gallery: Can't stop the music
Zip file: Can't stop the music

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