Sunday, August 23, 2009

Bearforce 1, hairy chests on the dancefloor

Haven't heard of the Dutch bear boy band Bearforce 1 for some time. It may come as no surprise that I liked the idea of a band for which the member selection criteria included a fair amount of hair. From the start I have had the hots for Yuri and as it turns out the only worthwhile single shots (2) I was able to unearth of the members of this group are of him. Not to be missed! The site has not been updated since the release of their last single 'Shake that thing!'. Let's just hope they will one day soon surprise us with a new release. If not: Yuri, if you wish to pursue a solo career I'll buy all your records unheard and visit all your concerts to support you, oh and please include lots of shirtless shots! Enjoy!

The 'current' line-up: Peter, Robert, Yuri and Konstantinos

Line-up for the christmas single: Robert, Eddi, Yuri and Peter

The original line-up: Yuri, Peter, Robert and Ian

Yuri solo

Shake that thing!

Christmas is here!

Bearforce 1

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