Monday, July 27, 2009

Ivan Sergei, hairy chest in Jack Hunter and the lost treasure of Ugarit


Unless you're a Ivan Sergei fan or a huge fan of the Indiana Jones genre you'll be forgiven if you give the Jack Hunter trilogy a miss.
Ivan gets to show his chest only in this episode, although he - in true Indiana Jones Fashion Style - prances around a lot with his shirt unbuttoned pretty far down. Screencaps enhanced for darkness, enjoy!


Kal said...

Okay okay, he does have "rugged" good looks. Certainly all the women on the show thought so!

Check out my take on it (with lots o’ pics) if you are interested:

hairy chests rule said...

Thank you Kai for your comments.

In true Indiana Jones Style he would have to sweep all women of their feet to maintain his image, wouldn't he?

Read your review. Hilarious. Very nice. Good comments.
Anybody with questions about whether to watch or not: copy and paste the link before you decide.

My opinion was obviously clouded by the disappointing lack of blatant exposure of hairy chest. lol

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