Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hairy chest joke


From: Guy Rules

One night after the wild thing. Two gay men were cudling and chatting.

"Ya know what I wish?" one gay man said. "What?" the other replied.

"I really wish you had a hairy chest. That would just make everything perfect for me. But don't worry about it, things are just fine for now."

The other gay man really wanted to please his partner, so the next day he went to the doctor to see how to get some hair to grow on his chest.

The doctor after listening to the problem, decided he needed to research the problem more so he told the gay man to try keeping his chest moist in the mean time. "I'll look into your problem, but until then, try putting vasoline on your chest a couple times a day".

The gay man went home all excited! and couldn't wait to get the vasoline going. He smeared it all over his chest (probably more than needed) and sat back to wait.

The partner came home and found his mate sitting on the couch with vasoline smeared all over his chest. "What are you doing!?" the man asked.

"I'm trying to get hair to grow on my chest! I want to make you happy and the doctor said to keep my chest moist with vasoline."

The partner walked to the couch and slapped his mate on the head. "Duh! Stupid . . . if that really worked, you'd have a pony tail sticking out your butt!"

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